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First Stop for Electric Scooter Safety Resources

Looking for electric scooter injury statistics? Maybe an electric scooter safety assessment?

These resources are for you – whether you’re an electric scooter operator, a government agency, school or restaurant.

Make Your Own Campaign

Use our safety checklist and more
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Resource Library

Here is a brief taste of some of the resources we have for you.

Scoot Safe: Safety, check!

Scoot Safe - Pre-Ride Safety Checklist - Thumbnail

Electric Scooter Safety
Checklist (For Riders)

Scoot Safe: Infographics

Scoot Safe - Safety Stats Infographic - Thumbnail

Scooter Safety Stats

Scoot Safe: Results


E-Scooter Study Results

Public Service Announcements

Learn how to scoot

Wear Your Helmet

Don't Drink and Scoot

Scoot Safe: Dig Deeper

Atlanta Dockless Mobility Device Report

Atlanta Dockless Mobility
Device Report

Regulating Micromobility

Regulating Micromobility: Examining Transportation Equity and Access

APH Dockless Electric Scooter-Related Injuries Study - Thumbnail

Electric Scooter
Injury Statistics

ScootSmart Parking Resource

#ScootSmart Parking Infographic

Understanding and Tackling Micromobility Thumbnail


Georgia Bicycle Pocket Guide 2019

Georgia Bicyclist Pocket Guide

Operator Resources

How To Bird

Bird: 2021 Beginner’s Guide for Shared Scooter Riding

Lime Safety Data

Lime: New Safety Data

Helbiz Atlanta Vehicle Safety Specs

Helbiz: Atlanta Vehicles Safety Specs