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Five Electric Scooter Safety Tips for College Students on Campus

For colleges and universities making micromobility available on their campuses, electric scooter safety is crucial. The challenges universities have faced with this are fairly well-documented, and e-scooter operators certainly have their own responsibilities when it comes to ensuring campus safety during micromobility program rollouts. But thankfully, there are some straightforward ways campus administrators and program …

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The Emergence of the Electric Scooter on Colleges Campuses

In metropolitan regions all over the United States, college campuses have long thrived in walkable, highly mobile cities where amenities and technological advances keep campus transport on the cutting edge. Now with the rise of electric scooters on college campuses, students are finding a new and exciting method of transportation – one that is eco-friendly, cost-effective and allows them a more adventurous daily commute to classes. Electric scooters and electric bikes are the right answer at the right time for college students, and could signal a wave of change in the day-to-day lives of students and staff alike, especially as campuses continue to grow and expand.